España - Spain

Toledo - the ancient capital of the Spanish empire

María in Toledo

Atocha railroad station in central Madrid

The Atocha station's interior surprises the visitor


A church in Madrid and María by the Roman aqueduct Segovia

A lovely dinner among friends: John, Carmen Luz, Rodrigo, 
José-Luis, María, Cristina and Mari Carmen

John in Sevilla


Some views of, inside and from the lovely cathedral in Sevilla

Plaza de España in Sevilla

Plaza de Callao, central Madrid

Betty had some new-born puppies!


Outside the Méndez-Rocasolano summer residence, in the mountains west of Madrid

New year's eve 1998-99

New year's eve 1998-99 together with Scandinavian friends Christian and Elisa


In central Madrid, Plaza de España to the left

The most central point in spain - Plaza del Sol



With friends: Silvia, Cristina, María, Elisa, Christian, Mercedes

María and Betty - two queens (?)

Calle de Alcala full of people