Carnevale di Venezia, February 2001

Canal Grande as seen from Ponte di Rialto or Rialto bridge.

Entering Piazza San Marco from the seaside. Artists are busy painting trucco make-up
or trick make-up which decorates the faces of the buyers.

John and Milena on Piazza San Marco. Is John's eyes closed 
because of blinking, or is he actually dreaming?

Amazing soap-bubbles made by this man
in a back-street campo or square.

Spectacular shapes, forms and colours are displayed on Piazza San Marco.

During a dance-performance, the actors burst out with real fireworks (!)

Nightly commerce on the alley between 
Campo San Bartolomeo and Ponte di Rialto.

Beautiful star-simulating illumination over the shops inside Ponte di Rialto.

Canal Grande as seen from Ponte di Rialto by night. Although a bit out of focus, I think the picture captures
the atmosphere very well. Venezia is a city of dreams and you tend to see everything through a haze...

Prato della Valle in Padova, en route to Basilica del Santo, San Antonio's church

Outside the beautiful Arena in Verona from the 1st century AD

Casa di Giulietta or Juliet's house of Shakespearian fame (Romeo & Juliet). According to the legends,
the depicted balcony is the very one where Juliet let her hair down in order to secure the pleasure of
her lover's company. The scribblings on the wall shows that this is a popular site to visit and if you
need some good luck in your love-life, stroking the left chest of the bronze statuette should do the trick.

Piazza dei Signori, Verona with Casa Mazzanti to the left and to the right Loggia del Consiglio,
the former city council and considered as Verona's finest renaissance building.

Trying costumes at Flavia's costume shop in order to secure a good look for the
carnival's last day. It was a tough choice because everything looked great!
Finally we decided to rent the brown costume depicted to the right.

Wonderful carnival masks in and around Piazza San Marco

Starting our tour of the city to the delight of other tourist's. To partake in the carnivale
is a sure way to experience how it is to be a celebrity for a day. Litterary 1000's of
photos were taken of us and constant crowds of 20-30 photographers at a time
were to be our reality for the coming hours. An amazing experience!



Venezia is full of shops selling masks and needless to say, the carnivale
is their best period of the year. Here some hand-made samples.

Enjoying a romantic gondola ride in the Venezian evening

Arriving to Palazzo Pisano Moreno for a party to celebrate the last
night of the carnivale. It was to be a memorable night, indeed!

Hundreds of people dressed in authentic costumes enjoying the dinner at the Palazzo Pisano Moreno.




Lovely wooden curtain hangers and stucco ceiling