Pen Records, Memphis Tennessee


Pen 110   The Skylighters
Hold on / Look a here (1962)



First press and 1964 re-issue depicted.


Pen 111   The Fabulous Jack Fargo [Henry Faggart]
Little Rosa / I just dropped in to say goodbye (1962)


Odd record by the professional wrestler Jackie Fargo aka The Fabulous One.


Pen 112   John Hughey
Wailin' / The slip (1962)


Promotional issue depicted.


Pen 113   Bobby Wood
The day after forever / Everybody's searchin' (1962)


Promotional issue depicted.


Pen 114   Eddie Bond
I guess I've got the blues / As long as I'll forgive (October 1962)



Pen 117   Bill Taylor
Twilight fantasy / Border town (1962)



Promotional and regular commercial issues depicted.


Pen 118   The 5 Johns
50 miles with vigah / Tiptoe (1963)



Promotional and regular commercial issues depicted.
'50 miles with vigah' is a humorous tribute to JFK, hence the band name.


Pen 119   The Ideals
The twilight zone / Gone from me (1963)



Pen ???   Unknown artist
New river train / Down by the riverside (possibly unreleased)

Invoice for overdub session produced by Stan Kesler for Pen Records, held
at Sam Phillips' Recording Studios in Memphis (SUN Records) on August 29, 1963.


Pen 300   Martha Gay
I promise / Red river valley (February 1964)



Promotional and Disk Jockey issues depicted.


Pen 301   Sherry Jenkins
Short honeymoon / Hey, little soldier (February 1964)




Promotional, Disc Jockey and regular commercial issues depicted.


Pen 351 / XL 902   Tommy Raye [aka Tommy Tucker]
You don't love me / Don't let me be the last to know (1964)




Promotional and regular commercial issues depicted.


Pen 352   Clarence Nelson
You make me feel so good / I Hurt (1964)



Disc Jockey and Promotional issues depicted, the latter a 'delta' press from LA.


XL 906   Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Wooly bully / Ain't gonna move (1965)


Ultra-rare first release on XL Records. Note the 'Beckie' publishing house,
named after Sam Phillips' first wife Rebecca 'Beckie' Phillips. Wolly bully reached #2
on Billboard's Hot 100 on June 5, 1965 and was voted 'Number One Record of the Year'.


HP-3   Sam the Sham
Ju Ju Hand / Wooly Bully (1968)


Hip-pocket Records re-released hits from various record labels on Philco-Ford's short-lived 4" flexi
disc format in 1968, in this case by 'exclusive arrangement with Pen Records', since 'Wooly Bully' was
recorded at Sam Phillips' Recording Studios in 1965 and released on Pen's sister label XL Records (XL 906)
with 'Ain't gonna move' on the flip, before it became a smash hit on MGM. 'Ju ju hand' came from another coupling.