Atocha railroad station in central Madrid

The Atocha station's interior surprises the visitor with
a large hall full of a tropical rainforest - very relaxing


There are lots of squares in Madrid, and they all seem to attract
a lot of doves. To the left a lady is feeding them in Plaza de
Santa Ana and to the right Plaza Tirso de Molina


The Prado art museum and the impressive building for the ministry of telecommunications

Calle de Alcala full of people. Puerta de Alcala far away in the center.
Rumour has it that shepherd's still today drive their heards
through Puerta de Alcala one Sunday every spring

The fountain-surrounded entrance to the Spanish Culture
Centre in Plaza de Colon is an impressive sight

The most central point in spain - Km 0 in Puerta del Sol


Plaza Mayor and Plaza de San Miguel in the historical center of Madrid


The royal palace or Palacio Real top and right, and the Catedral de la Almudena
left It's worth noting that the cathedral is yet not finished, in spite of the fact that the
construction has been on-going for 100 years. Erecting a cathedral is not done swiftly!


Plaza de Espaņa


Plaza de Callao, central Madrid. The picture to the right was taken in the very same place
in late May 1948 by my grandfather John. It is actually three photos that have been
joined together. The cinema looks the same, but Gran Via to the far right is much
busier today. Lassie was shown in the cinema in '48 according to the billboards

My friends Juan and Cristina, three weeks prior to their wedding


Eating and drinking good is very easy in Madrid. To the left a wonderful paella