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LPM 1382 Elvis (1957): First release with a side open cardboard cover printed in the USA. First German label info created for
this US Army pressing on February 18, 1957. Note the PX stamp from August 1957 in the upper left corner of the back.
These export covers were printed on a thinner and more glossy paper stock than the US first editions.




LPM 1382 Elvis (1957): Ultra rare release for US staff stationed in West Germany. The record itself is a regular
German first pressing but the label is trying to emulate the US RCA Victor "dog on top" trademark, which
was not allowed for RCA to use in Europe, where it belonged to His Master's Voice (HMV). The upper
labels have the German 12" size designation "-C", which was removed for the 2nd pressing. Note
that the first pressing erroneously uses the same matrix number (7207) for both sides.



LPM 1382-C Elvis (spring 1957): First edition with laminated, top open cover and "-C" in the upper right hand box. This edition
was first ordered for Sweden, released in March/April 1957. The second (1958) edition is identical, fully laminated but side opened.



LPM 1382-C Elvis (spring 1957): First pressing with "Long Play", "-C" and lines on the (s3) label.



LPM 1382-C Elvis (1958-59): Second pressing with "-C" and lines on label, but "Long Play" removed.
PX stamp from May 1959 in the upper right corner on the back of the side open, front laminated cover.



Third and very short-lived edition (1959-60) with front laminated, side open cover and
inverted red RCA logo in upper right hand box. Note the US Army PX price stamp dated March 1960.



Third and very short-lived pressing (1959-60) with lines on label but "Long Play" and "-C" removed.




Comparison of two 1960 presings. Above, the extremely rare (s4) label which neither has "Long Play",
"-C" nor lines. This variation was only in circulation for a few months. Many collectors are not
aware that it exists. Below, the short-lived but quite common (s5) pressing.



Sixth edition (1961-63) with side open cover and red RCA logo.



Sixth pressing (1961-63), glossy black RCA (s6) label.



Seventh pressing (1963-64), first German release on the RCA Victor (v1) label.



Eighth pressing (1965-66), dark grey RCA Victor (v3) label.



Ninth and final mono pressing (1967-68), dark grey RCA Victor (v4) label.



LSP-1382(e) Elvis: 1967-68 Electronically Reprocessed Stereo editions, non-
laminated, side open cover with updated logo box. 1968 covers are fully laminated.



1967 pressing, dark grey RCA Victor (v4a) label with duration stated.



1968 pressing, dark grey RCA Victor (v4b) label witout playing time.