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LPM 1990-C For LP Fans Only (1959): First edition with laminated, side open cover, black RCA logo and '-C' in upper right hand box.
Note: this is believed to be the first ever LP release without the artist's name printed on the cover. All
songs had previously been released on 45 rpm but not on LP. Hence the title of the album.



LPM 1990-C For LP Fans Only (1959): First edition with '-C' and lines on label.
Note that Arthur Crudup's name is mis-spelt with 'G', just as on the US Rockaway pressings.



Second edition (1959-60) laminated cover, red RCA logo and '-C' removed.



Second edition (1959-60) with lines on label but '-C' removed.



Third edition (1961-63) non laminated cover.



Third edition (1961-63) with dark grey RCA label.




LSP-1990(e) For LP Fans Only: Seventh edition (1967-68) with fully laminated cover.
Dark grey 'RCA Victor' label (v4). Electronically reprocessed to simulate stereo.