The Carl Mann SUN collection


3539   Carl Mann
Mona Lisa / Foolish one (March 1959, No 25)




3546   Carl Mann
Rockin' love / Pretend (September 1959, No 57)




3550   Carl Mann
Some enchanted evening / I can't forget (1960)


The B-side features the Gene Lowery Chorus.


3555   Carl Mann
South of the border / I'm coming home (April 1960)


The A-side features the Gene Lowery Singers.


3558   Eddie Bush with the Gene Lowery Singers
Baby I don't care / Vanished (August 1960)


This single is actually by Carl Mann but was credited to his guitarist Eddie Bush.


3564   Carl Mann
Wayward wind / Born to be bad (1960)



3569   Carl Mann
If I could change you / I ain't got no home (1961)




3579   Carl Mann
When I grow too old to dream / Mountain dew (1962)




- PLP 1960 -
Carl Mann
Like, Mann (1960)

One of the younger and brighter stars of the popular recording field is Carl Mann, who is best known for his mordern, up-tempo interpretations of the old standards. His first big hit was "Mona Lisa," and the success of his style was so great that other established recording artists picked up some of his innovations in rhythm and arrangement and thereby paid Carl Mann the sincerest compliment a singer can receive.

Carl Mann's professional career began when he was 14 and just through Junior High School in Huntingdon, Tenn. He organized a band and began playing jobs around his part of West Tennessee, taking the guitar work for himself. After a year or so, his piano player left town, so Carl began playing piano. Carl was 16 when he walked into Phillips International records and auditioned his special arrangement of "Mona Lisa." In short order, the record was on the market and selling like hotcakes. Now, the Mann piano and vocal style is well known to record fans of all ages, but especially among the teen-agers who have so much in common with this youngster.

In this long playing album, Carl Mann displays his characteristic style on such oldies as "Pretend," "Wayward Wind," and "If I Ever Needed You." "South of the Border" gets a special treatment, with percussion gimmics by drummer W. S. Holland and some mean hot guitar licks by Eddie Bush. As a balladeer, Carl shines on "I Can't Forget You," "I'm Bluer Than Anyone Can Be," and "Walkin' and Thinkin'." The novelty favorite, "I Ain't Got No Home," has never been done better than Carl Mann does in this LP.

Phillips International's like - Mann will be a welcome addition to the record libraries of the many fans who know Carl Mann for his best-selling records, his personal appearance tours from coast to coast and in Canada, and for his appearances on national TV shows.

A product of Phillips International Corp., 639 Madison Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Litho in U.S.A.

South of the border
Wayward wind
Walkin' and thinkin'
Mona Lisa
I can't forget you
If I ever needed you

I ain't got no home
I'm bluer that anyone can be
Island of love
Baby I don't care
I'm coming home