The Roy Orbison SUN collection


JE-WEL 101   The Teen Kings
Trying to get you / Ooby dooby (March 1956)


Recorded March 4, 1956 in Norman Petty's studio, Clovis, New Mexico. This
record sparked Sam Phillip's interest and 'Ooby dooby' was quickly re-recorded for SUN.


SUN 242   Roy Orbison and the Teen Kings
Ooby dooby [59] /Go! Go! Go! (May 1956)




Lable variations depicted. Note the catalog number's position.


SUN 251   Roy Orbison and the Teen Kings
You're my baby / Rockhouse (September 1956)




Label variations depicted. Note uneven centering on lower label.


SUN 265   Roy Orbison and the Roses
Sweet and easy to love / Devill doll (January 1957)




SUN 284   Roy Orbison
Chicken-hearted / I like love (December 1957)



SUN 353   Roy Orbison
Sweet and easy to love / Devill doll (November 1960)


Re-release of SUN 265 to promote the 'new' Roy Orbison SUN album. Roy's contract with SUN had expired in 1958
but his current success at Monument, was a good reason to re-cycle some oldies aswell as some previously unreleased songs.


SLP 1260   Roy Orbison at the Rockhouse (1961)


SU-135: This kind of love / Devil doll / You're my baby / Trying to get you / It's too late / Rockhouse
SU-136: You're gonna cry / I never knew / Sweet and easy to love / Mean little mama / Ooby dooby / Problem child