The Sonny Burgess SUN collection


SUN 247   Sonny Burgess
Red headed woman / We wanna boogie (August 1956)




SUN 263   Sonny Burgess
Restless / Ain't got a thing (January 1957)



SUN 285   Sonny Burgess
My bucket's got a hole in it / Sweet misery (December 1957)



SUN 304   Sonny Burgess
Thunderbird / Itchy (August 1958)



3551   Sonny Burgess
Sadie's back in town / A kiss goodnite (January 1960)



Signed black text promotional copy and regular commercial release depicted.

Rock-a-billy artist Sonny Burgess and his music had seen better days some five years earlier. This was
a rather unsuccessfull attempt of reviving his old style, at a time when teen idols were slicker and
more polished than ever. It became Burgess last SUN single and is one of the rarest on Phillips.