The Warren Smith SUN collection


SUN 239   Warren Smith
Rock 'n' roll Ruby / I'd rather be safe than sorry (April 1956)



Early 'M' misprint 45 rpm label and later corrected 'N' edition depicted.

Recorded February 5, 1956, SUN Studio, Memphis, Tennessee
Warren Smith (vcl/gtr); Buddy Holobaugh (gtr); Stan Kesler (steel gtr);
Jan Ledbetter (bs); Smokey Joe Baugh (pno); Johnny Benero (dms)


SUN 250   Warren Smith
Black Jack David / Ubangi stomp (September 1956)



Ring-marked sample copy depicted.

Probably recorded August 1956, 706 Union, Memphis, Tennessee
Warren Smith (vcl/gtr); Al Hopson (gtr U-218); Brad Suggs (gtr U-219);
Marcus van Story (bs); Smokey Joe Baugh (pno U-219); Johnny Benero (dms)


SUN 268   Warren Smith
So long I'm gone / Miss Froggie [72] (April 1957)




Probably recorded February 1957, 706 Union, Memphis Tennesse
Warren Smith (vcl/gtr); Al Hopson (gtr); Marcus van Story (bs);
Jimmy Wilson (pno U-248); Jimmie Lott (dms)


SUN 286   Warren Smith
I've got love if you want it / I fell in love (December 1957)


Recorded October 16, 1957, 706 Union, Memphis, Tennesse
Warren Smith (vcl/gtr); Al Hopson (gtr); Roand Janes (gtr);
Will Hopson (bs); Jimmie Lott (dms); Chorus (U-287):
Vernon Drake, Asa Wilkerson, Lee Holt overdubbed


SUN 314   Warren Smith
Sweet, sweet girl / Goodbye Mr. Love (February 1959)



Label variations depicted. Note that 'goodbye' is mis-spelled on one label.

Recorded January 7, 1959, SUN studio, 706 Union, Memphis, Tennessee
Warren Smith (vcl/gtr); Billy Riley (gtr); Sid Manker (gtr); Cliff
Acred (bs); Charlie Rich (pno); Jimmy van Eaton (dms);
overdubbed chorus: Lee Hold, Bill Abbott, 
Charlie Rich, Gerald Nelson Singers