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Re-release of LOC-1035, from October 1959. Originally scheduled as LPM-2003.
Later editions did not have the army photos on the back of the cover.



First edition, Hollywood pressing (-10S/-13S), black RCA label with dog on top. No edition with the
"New Orthophonic High Fidelity" tag on top is known, confirming the 1959 release date.



First edition, Indianapolis pressing (-14S/-12S and -12S/-18S), black RCA label with dog on top.



LSP-1951(e): First stereo edition (electronically reprocessed), issued in November 1964.



First stereo edition, Rockaway pressing (-1S/-1S), black RCA Victor label with Stereo at bottom, released November 1964.



Rare export version of first stereo (electronically reprocessed) edition, November 1964. Note the tacked-on RCA stickers
which were applied in markets where Nipper was registred for HMV. The depicted copy was a gift in Sweden on Christmas Eve 1968.



The White Top labeled records came in the fourth version of all Elvis inner sleeve (21-112-1-40B).