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Re-release of LOC-1035, from October 1959. Originally scheduled as LPM-2003.
Later editions did not have the army photos on the back of the cover.



First edition, Indianapolis pressing (-14S/-12S and -12S/-18S), black RCA label with dog on top.
No edition with the "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" tag on top is known, confirming the 1959 release date.



First edition, Hollywood pressing (-10S/-13S), black RCA label with dog on top.



Rare and short-lived second mono edition, Hollywood pressing (same -10S/-13S matrices as above),
black RCA Victor label with dog on top (Silver Top Mono), released November 1963.



The Silver Top Mono record came in the second version of all Elvis inner sleeve.



LSP-1951(e): First stereo edition (electronically reprocessed), issued in November 1964.



First stereo edition, Rockaway pressing (-1S/-1S), black RCA Victor label with Stereo at bottom, released November 1964.



Rare export version of first stereo (electronically reprocessed) edition, November 1964. Note the tacked-on RCA stickers
which were applied in markets where Nipper was registred for HMV. The depicted copy was a gift in Sweden on Christmas Eve 1968.



The White Top labeled records came in the fourth version of all Elvis inner sleeve (21-112-1-40B).