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LPM 2256 G.I. Blues (1960): First and second mono editions.



LPM 2256 G.I. Blues (1960): First mono edition with glossy black RCA (s6) label.



LPM 2256 G.I. Blues (1963-64): Second mono edition, dark grey RCA Victor (v1) label.



LSP 2256 G.I. Blues (1960): Very first Living Stereo edition. The "Living Stereo" top right and the "LSP-2256" lower
left hand corner, are tacked-on stickers and "LSP-2256" is not mentioned on the reverse of this very early print.



LSP 2256 G.I. Blues (1960): Regular first Living Stereo edition. Note how much space there is above
Elvis' hair as compared to the version above. The lower left hand corner "LSP-2256" has been completely removed.



LSP 2256 G.I. Blues (1960): First edition with glossy black Living Stereo RCA (s6) label.



Early Living Stereo copies came in this Teldec red ball RCA inner sleeve which promotes LPM/LSP-2231 Elvis is Back.
It is interesting to note that a mono copy is depicted. The German Living Stereo releases often came slightly later.