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First edition, released September 19, 1958.



First edition, Rockaway pressing (-3S/-6S), black RCA label with dog on top. The label
with "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" top center was discontinued in spring 1959.



First edition, Indianapolis pressing (-4S/-8S) and Rockaway press (-7S/-10S), black RCA label with dog on top.


This very rare bonus photo was given at record stores to
buyers of the King Creole album in the fall of 1958.



Early copies came with this inner sleeve which advertises Elvis' Golden Records.



LSP-1884(e): First stereo (electronically reprocessed) edition with revised layout, released in February 1962.



Rare 1962 "jagged stereo" edition, Indianapolis pressing (-1S/-1S), black RCA label with dog on top.



LPM-1884 RE: 1962 revision with song titles on printed on the cover front. Early copies came with
first edition records, but this layout was also used for second (11/63) and third (10/64) mono editions.



Third and last mono edition, Rockaway pressing (-8S/-14S), black RCA Victor label with Monaural at
the bottom, released in October 1964 and used until the introduction of the orange label, late 1968.



The White Top Monaural record first came in the fourth version of all Elvis inner sleeve (21-112-1-40B).