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  SPD-15  Various Artists Collection
  EPA-747  Elvis Presley
  EPA-821  Heartbreak Hotel
  EPB-1254  Elvis Presley
  SPD-19  The Sound of Leadership
  SPA 7-27  Save-on-records Bulletin for June
  EPA-830  Elvis Presley
  EPA-940  The Real Elvis
  EPA-965  Any Way You Want Me
  SPD-22  Elvis Presley
  SPD-23  Elvis Presley
  SPD-26  Great Country / Western Hits
  SPA 7-37  Perfect For Parties Highlighter
  EPA-992  Elvis vol. I
  EPA-993  Elvis vol. II
  EPA-994  Strictly Elvis
  EPA-4006  Love Me Tender
  EPA-4041  Just For You
  EPA-4054  Peace In The Valley
  EPA 1-1515  Loving You vol. 1
  EPA 2-1515  Loving You vol. 2
  EPA-4108  Elvis Sings Christmas Songs
  EPA-4114  Jailhouse Rock
  EPA-4319  King Creole
  EPA-4321  King Creole vol. 2
  EPA-4325  Elvis Sails
  EPA-4340  Christmas with Elvis
  EPA-5088  A Touch Of Gold vol. 1 ('GSS')
  EPA-5101  A Touch Of Gold vol. 2 ('GSS')
  EPA-5120  The Real Elvis ('GSS')
  EPA-5121  Peace in the Valley ('GSS')
  EPA-5122  King Creole vol. 1 ('GSS')
  EPA-5141  A Touch Of Gold vol. 3 ('GSS')
  LPC-128  Elvis By Request ('Compact 33')
  EPA-4368  Follow That Dream
  EPA-4371  Kid Galahad
  EPA-4382  Viva Las Vegas
  EPA-4383  Tickle Me
  EPA-4387  Easy Come, Easy Go